12/08/2011 - 10:34
Time to Make a Choice
by Devon Jeffreys

After a Tuesday visit to San Antonio, Josh Howard was back in Washington D.C. on Wednesday and he's staring down a decision on his future.

Josh can officially receive offers from teams starting on Friday at 2 p.m. and he'll be expected to make a decision shortly thereafter as training camps also open on Friday.

"Right now, it's still up in the air. I have no idea, still, to this day," he told Michael Lee of the Washington Post. "I have four in mind that I'm not going to share. But it's all about prayer right now. I have to lift it up to God and have him help me out with my decision. Pretty much any team that tells me they want me to come in and play, that makes sense to me."

Though he has a big decision to make and was fresh off what he called a "nice" visit to San Antonio, Josh wouldn't let his hectic schedule mess with his priorities. That's why he was in D.C. on Wednesday working with kids at Paul Charter School in the "No Excuses" mentoring program he started through his foundation.

"I've been with, just mentoring throughout life," he told Michael Lee. "I know some of them have issues at home, so I make sure that when I'm in town, I make sure I get over here. So they can see me and know I'm hands on with them. That's another reason, I keep all that in consideration for when I make my pick. My presence goes a long way for these kids."

Among his options, No. 5 said returning to Washington is definitely still on the table. He's had discussions with the Wizards and believes with the right moves they can be a competitor, something he might want to be a part of.

"They got pieces and they got guys," Howard said. "The league is built off trades and I don't want to see guys go but I know there are pieces that [General Manager] Ernie [Grunfeld] can go out and get as well. I think ultimately we have to wait until the free agent market calms down to know where we're going to be at."

San Antonio is also high on Josh's list. During his visit, The Show spoke with members of the Spurs organization, coach Gregg Popovich and guard Manu Ginobili.

"They let me know, expressed that they want me to be there. That's about it," Howard told the Post, of the Spurs. "I know San Antonio is an A1 organization, as far as everything they do. It's kind of a mirror image of Dallas or vice versa. I know everything down there is cool. Like everything in Chicago is cool. Just have to wait and see."

Josh says that no matter where his future decision takes him, he knows he'll be able to make it into a home, just like he did Dallas and as he has D.C.

"I think no matter where you're at, if you can make the situation right for yourself, and the people around, it can get better," Howard said. "Ultimately, I just want to be on a good team, where guys are coming in hungry to play and to learn."













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