WHEN JOSH ISN'T RUNNING one of his camps during the offseason, you'll typically find him working on or enjoying one of his vintage automobiles. At some future point, we'll take you inside the rides of No. 5. For now, you can enjoy this interview about the origin of his interest.

Q: Where did your love of restoring cars come from?

A: Just growing up in the South, that’s pretty big, restoring cars. First car I ever got was my grandmother’s 1980 Buick Regal. I loved that car to death. I wasn’t able put to rims or anything on it, so I tore it up in like a month. Just the point that I was able to get an old car as my first car was a kind of joy. I worked hard to get it. Once I got enough money to do what I wanted to do to these cars, I just kind of went all out. They’re reliable cars. Any time an older guy sees one of my cars, they start talking to me about their car and what they had. It brings a smile to my face. I’m bringing something to life for those guys.

Q: Do you have a collection of them now?

A: I have a few. I’ve got an ’89 boxed Chevy. I’ve got a ’73 Caprice. I’ve got a ’78 Oldsmobile. The Oldsmobile, everything is in mint condition. It’s a nice cruise-around car. The ’89 boxed Chevy sits up on a nice suspension deal. It’s a magenta color, with flames going down on the hood, on the sides. The one I drive the most is the ’89. The ’73 is a drop-top, black on blue, custom-made. It’s a cruiser. I like it. I think it’s my favorite one. It’s got the bowling ball blue, like the Dallas Mavericks’ colors, going down the hood all the way down to the back of the trunk. Black suede interior with the blue stitching. That’s my baby. I haven’t driven that car in a year…I’m looking forward to getting that out this summer.

Q: How involved are you with the design of each car?

A: I’m involved. With that magenta car, it took me two weeks to pick a color, me and the guy that did it. Because we brainstormed things that we wanted to do, how we wanted to match the inside. A lot of it is me. I pick ‘em and choose ‘em.

Q: Any new purchases?

A: I just bought a new ’78 Oldsmobile, but I haven’t done anything to it yet. It’s an original. I’m thinking of going West Coast, doing the smaller rims.

Q: If you could add any car to the collection, what would it be?

A: My grandmother’s Buick Regal. I was looking for a Buick Regal – I’m still trying to find one. It’s hard to find another one. She had a Monte Carlo growing up. Green interior. I loved that car. She always got the two doors.

Q: So you have some good memories about being in the car with your grandmother. Is that were you think this love of old cars comes from?

A: I spent a lot of time with her in those cars. (Laughs.) So I guess that does have something do with it.












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